Thank you for visiting the JMTC homepage.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of JMTC. It’s been a long time since all employees started in unison under the motto, “We do our best to transport even one box.”

Even now, with the same mind, we have strengthened our work consistently. Starting with Korea-China for the first time, we now reinforce the convenience and promptness of the companies with various methods and new paradigms for worldwide shipping and air transportation.

Since its inception, JMTC has grown to be the best Infra Asia forwarder based on your strong trust and love. And through substantial management and safe, fast and accurate transportation, we continue to grow for many years in a row, which is almost unprecedented in the transportation industry and in Korea.

In addition, JMTC is providing customers with more accurate, safer, more competitive transportation cost reduction through transportation consulting, and is becoming a leading-edge global forwarder based on trust.

Thank you so much for your love and attention.

Hyunseong Kim, CEO of JMTC Co., Ltd.