In the meantime, many container freights in northeastern Europe have had a lot of difficulties with companies importing from Korea due to long shipping time. As a result, I saw things that had to be handled by many claims from suppliers. So we started looking for a section where we could transport freight more quickly. 

We have provided transportation convenience to the company that halves the existing TRANSMIT TIME by rail and sea based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s based on AE19 shipping from the Danish shipping company MAERSK.

Combined transportation from Korea and Japan to northern Europe has reduced the travel time from 52-57 days to 23-32. Conversely, the travel time from northern Europe to Korea and other Far East Asia has been reduced from the previous 52-60 days to 23-32 days through combined transportation.

From Bremerhaven in Germany, Gdańsk in Poland, Tallinn in Estonia, and Rauma in Finland, via Vostochini Port in Russia, starting with Saint Petersburg railway, import or export to South Korea’s Busan port. Through this process, we have quick access to Far East Asia and transport it quickly and accurately.

JMTC GLOBAL EXPLOGIX is the first and best international logistics company in Korea to collaborate with Consolidation and Express.

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