TJIC-4DISC(4-Day International Shipment Completed)

JMTC’s “TJIC-4DISC” means that all shipments from Tianjin warehouse to Incheon will be completed within four days, named after the initials of “4-Day International Shipment Completed”. All LCL console markets in Korea have been made according to the standards of console companies. However, looking into the long console market, there were too many unreasonable points, especially the exclusive part of the Tianjin-Incheon section, which was difficult for importers. That’s why LCL Shanghai 4DISC was created to improve this.

Advantages of TJIC-4DISC

We are operating a premium as a new paradigm, breaking down the perception that imported cargo will be qualitatively low by improving the following matters that have been a long-standing problem. In particular, Tianjin-Incheon freight operates TJIC-4DISC, the LCL console of High Quality Premium.

  • Departure and arrival delays
  • Delayed warehouse hours and excessive charges for warehouses in Korea
  • Unfriendlyness of the console company warehouse
  • Inconvenience caused by departure and arrival notice delay
Advantages of TJIC-4DISC
  • Shipping time is cut in half.
  • Forwarders can quickly receive arrival notice (A/N).
  • There is a merit of certain freight cost.
  • Container Cargo Moves Fast
  • Bonded warehouse works quickly.
  • Bonded warehouse FREETIME (3 days) can save the burden on importers.
  • You can ship six times a week. (Mon-Fri, Sun)

JMTC GLOBAL EXPLOGIX is the first and best international logistics company in Korea to collaborate with Consolidation and Express.

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