Growth as a Superior Global Forwarder Trading Company

“Josun Marine Transport Co.,ltd.”, which has grown to be one of the nation’s leading multimodal shipping companies since its foundation in 2007, is making every effort to become a “World Best” company based on the stable sales capabilities of freight, ferry and container services.

JMTC Corporation not only has a competitive edge in the transportation business, but it has strengthened its partnership with global logistics industry including networking throughout China, making it a new multimodal shipping company through the systemization of transportation lines. We will do our best to become a company with dreams and future by maximizing the synergy effect of strengthening sales force in each region and strengthening partnership between branch offices.

In addition, through continuous expansion of branch offices, we will strengthen customer service and demonstrate the changing status of JMTC, which will grow into a global multi-carrier company through safety management, speed management and accurate management.